Hot Fill PET bottles can be light weighted

Sipa of Veneto, Italy is a global leader of PET Stretch Blow Moulding Machines for the production of PET bottles and has developed light-weighting technologies for ‘hot fill’ PET bottles used in the juice, tea, isotonic and flavoured water markets.

Sipa has been involved in on-going weight reduction development for hot fill PET beverage containers over the past eight years for both single stage and two stage technologies. Depending on the technology chosen in conjunction with the bottlers filling process, bottle weight reductions of up to 30% are being achieved.

Capable of being filled at up to 90°C with modern filling equipment, Sipa can significantly reduce the weight of the traditionally heavy hot fill PET bottles.

As an example a Sipa customer in Vietnam is producing a 26gm, 500ml bottles filled at 88°C using a 38mm non-crystalline reinforced lightweight neck finish. Typically the same bottles in the Australian market are in the 32-35gm range.

Bottlers can save approximately Euro 130,000 per annum for every gram reduction on a filling line operating at 24,000 bph on a continuous production basis.

Sipa also provide PET packaging solutions for beer, liquor and other beverage sectors that were traditionally devoted to glass and metal can packaging.

Sipa recently appointed HBM Plastics & Packaging Technologies as their exclusive partner in Australia and New Zealand for sales and service backup.

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