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How AI will change the future of food at IFT First 2024

The Institute of Food Technologists hosting the annual IFT First event and expo has announced its distinguished keynote speakers who will address the topic of revolutionising food innovation through AI.

Those delivering the opening keynote address at the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) event and expo will be Justin Honaman, head, worldwide retail & consumer goods go-to-market at Amazon/AWS – along with Nora Khaldi, founder and cheif executive officer at biotech company Nuritas and Asch Harwood, vice president of data & insights at ReFED.

IFT chief executive officer Christie Tarantino-Dean said, “Many recognise AI’s immense value but are unclear on how or when to incorporate it, which is why IFT is launching a series of pre-event and onsite educational opportunities where attendees can learn from some of the top AI experts in the world, including our opening keynote speakers.”

IFT believe Honaman, Khaldi, and Harwood will enlighten IFT FIRST attendees on the powerful synergies between AI-driven innovation and the global science of food community.

“Artificial intelligence has the power to massively change the way the global food system operates,” said Tarantino-Dean.

IFT state the address will reveal groundbreaking advancements in predictive analytics, precision engineering, biotechnology, and product development, all while exploring the future of a technology that has the power to revolutionise the global food system.

“Justin, Nora, and Asch will leverage their leadership experience at industry-disrupting organisations to show how companies of all sizes in the science of food community can use AI to innovate new products, quickly solve problems, and transform the global food system at large,” said Tarantino-Dean.

AI will be a prominent theme at IFT FIRST 2024 and in the months leading up to popular food-science event.

A virtual AI workshop on “Unlocking the Power of Artificial Intelligence in Food Virtual Workshop” will include four 90-minute online sessions that take place over a three-week period starting in late April.

Throughout the virtual workshop, attendees will learn how AI works on a technical level, master prompt engineering, discover cutting-edge tools and real-world use cases, and gain a deep understanding of how to use AI ethically and safely.

The virtual workshop will serve as a primer for an in-person workshop, “Exploring Artificial Intelligence for Next-Level Food Innovation,” which will be held July 13-14, 2024, and is a precursor to IFT FIRST.

The opening keynote speakers will draw on their expertise and industry knowledge.

Justin Honaman leads the food and beverage segment for one of the largest online retailer in the world, Amazon, and has extensive experience in consumer goods and retail, including roles at Coca-Cola, Georgia Pacific, Accenture, and EY.

Nora Khaldi holds a PhD in Molecular Evolution and Bioinformatics and is the developer of a multitude of innovative research that is used in over 70 countries. She is a mathematician and computer scientist who boasts over 60 patents and spearheaded the integration of AI into the food and beverage industry, revolutionizing ingredient discovery.

Asch Harwood leads the development and delivery of information and accompanying technical products, including the ReFED Insights Engine that will lead the industry to act on food waste reduction.

The IFM First 2024 event will take place at at McCormick Place in Chicago from  July 14 to 17 2024.

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