How do you make sure your new product is what consumers want to buy?

There are numerous new food and drink products launched every month, but are those new products really what consumers want to buy? How can we know quickly if our new products just meet the requirements of our customers?

To answer these questions, the world’s leading market intelligence firm Mintel provides the market with a strong tool Mintel Purchase Intelligence.  Rapid, reliable consumer opinions on new food and drink products create benchmarks to unlock the attributes driving purchase decisions. Mintel Purchase Intelligence, or known as Mintel PI, is built to help the food and drink industry to understand the why behind the buy of the new products. The combination of Mintel’s product intelligence and consumer research creates a unique picture of how to succeed when developing, launching and selling a new product. Go beyond purchase intent with data and insight on the key product attributes consumers care about such as taste, healthiness, price, brand and more.

What makes Mintel Purchase Intelligence unique?

  • Competitive intelligence: unlock the driving factors for the entire food and drink market in Australia, France, UK and US.
  • Proof of concept: learn the true potential for success before spending time and money in development.
  • Product positioning: use post-launch analysis to see how your product is ranked in the eyes of the consumers.
  • Consumer insights: validate a concept with demographic data to see who will most likely buy your product.

To check out how Mintel Purchase Intelligence helps brands, watch this video.

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