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How Scully RSV’s partnership with OzHarvest is aiding needed food support

Scully RSV, a premium refrigerated transport company, is driving change through a partnership with OzHarvest, one of Australia’s biggest food rescue organisations.

Scully RSV offers a large range of refrigerated transport options, available for both short and long-term rental, those working with Scully RSV can expect flexible solutions and high-quality service. 

In response to the escalating food insecurity and waste issues within Australia, especially amidst the mounting pressures of the cost-of-living crisis, Scully RSV has proactively partnered with OzHarvest by providing additional vehicles. 

Food and Beverage Industry News spoke with Lisa Dainty, OzHarvest’s national partnerships manager, to hear how the collaboration with Scully is aiding OzHarvest’s food rescue and relief, the importance of food rescue and the need for future industry change. 

The partnership between Scully RSV and OzHarvest demonstrates the increased nature of refrigerated transport in rescuing and redistributing surplus food, the partnership magnifies an effective solution in mitigating food waste throughout Australia. 

By integrating Scully RSV’s transportation solutions with food relief, the collaboration benefits the logistic capabilities of OzHarvest’s food rescue and further assists the broader issues of economic and environmental impacts. 

Enhancing efficiency

Scully RSV stands as a top provider of refrigerated transport solutions in Australia. Their mission is to deliver the most reliable fleet with highly flexible options. With this objective in mind, Scully RSV helps businesses get to where they want to be. Dainty explained Scully RSV and OzHarvest have built a close relationship over the years: “What Scully has done for us is amazing and this is a beautiful partnership.”

Scully RSV reached out to OzHarvest offering to provide the company with additional vehicles during the busy summer period. 

“We are so lucky they came to us,” said Dainty.  

The effective impact of the initial vehicles meant Scully continued to extend the loan to OzHarvest month on month. 

From the initial loan help, discussions around a bigger, long term and more consistent partnership were brought to the table. 

“We discussed how we could engage Scully RSV’s staff and network, given they have access to many food businesses,” said Dainty. 

As a result, a two-year contract was developed, with Scully RSV providing OzHarvest with two, two pallet refrigerated trucks and associated running costs such as on road expenses, such as includes registration, insurance, and vehicle maintenance. 

Dainty said, “Scully RSV have demonstrated they want to use their assets to make a difference.”  

The Scully RSV vehicles have been wrapped in yellow, aligning with OzHarvest’s visual identity, “They are Scully RSV vehicles, but they are identifiable as OzHarvest,” said Dainty. 

OzHarvest has deployed the two refrigerated pallet trucks, with one operating on the roads in Sydney and the other in Melbourne.

OzHarvest see the transportation of the Scully RSV trucks as a moving showcase of the partnership between the two. 

Nourishing communities 

Established in 2004, OzHarvest’s mission is to nourish communities by rescuing surplus food, that would otherwise be sent to landfill, and redistributing it to those in need across Australia. 

In OzHarvest’s 2023 Impact Report, Ronni Kahn, OzHarvest founder, said 2023 was the toughest and most incredible year since she started, almost 20 years ago. 

OzHarvest has incorporated Scully RSV’s refrigerated trucks into its existing food rescue operations.

Every day across the nation OzHarvest vehicles leave depots empty and visit food businesses such as supermarkets, manufacturers, and catered events, and collect surplus food. 

“We collect the food in the refrigerated vehicles and drop it off to those in need, such as a homeless or domestic violence shelter, school programmes and disadvantaged areas,” said Dainty. 

The quality and safety of collected and redistributed food is critical to OzHarvest as a food organisation. 

Scully RSV’s refrigerated transport solutions play a crucial role in safely transporting food for OzHarvest. The vehicles provided by Scully RSV have the capability to maintain temperatures ranging from positive 20 degrees Celsius to negative 20 degrees Celsius, ensuring the safe transportation of perishable products.

Since OzHarvest’s partnership with Scully RSV began in January 2023, the donation of Scully RSV trucks has enabled OzHarvest to sustain its remarkable impact on communities in need.

To quantify this impact, OzHarvest have reported some staggering measurables. 

These include OzHarvest collecting over 218,000kgs of good food and diverting it from going to landfill.

The two trucks have enabled the delivery of 438,000 meals to those in need throughout Sydney and Melbourne.

As a result of the additional food collection, 1,438,800kgs of greenhouse gas emissions has been avoided by preventing food going to landfill.

“Those figures are huge, and you can only imagine the impact they have had,” said Dainty. 

The reported statistics have been documented up to February 2024, with the expectation of even greater impact throughout the remainder of the partnership.

Scully RSV has not only contributed by providing additional vehicles for transportation but has also facilitated an increase in network donations through their clients.

“We have received donations through Scully RSV’s clients, that have become more aware of OzHarvest through the partnership,” said Dainty. 

Meeting increasing demand

Feeding individuals in need is at the core of OzHarvest’s mission, and 2023 saw a record-breaking number of people requiring assistance.

OzHarvest state the rising cost of living has emerged as the primary factor contributing to food insecurity in Australia.

The OzHarvest team has been busier than ever, with a fleet of 70 yellow vans, 156 dedicated drivers and an army of passionate volunteers. 

OzHarvest have reported 73 per cent of the charities they support have seen an increase in demand over the last six months. 

Through this partnership, Scully RSV has enabled OzHarvest to deliver additional meals to feed those in need.

Economic and environmental impacts 

In addition to feeding those in need, OzHarvest is contributing to positive economic and environmental change. 

According to the National Food Waste Strategy Feasibility Study, Australians waste around 7.6 million tonnes of food a year, costing the Australian economy around $36.6 billion each year.

“We’re talking about a really significant environmental issue that’s impacting climate change,” said Dainty. 

For every kilogram of food wasted and sent to landfills, the food is broken down and releasing methane, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. 

This makes food waste a significant environmental concern, Dainty said, “I was very alarmed when first hearing this, if food waste was a country it would rank as the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases after the USA and China.” 

Education holds significant importance for OzHarvest in fostering positive change. Their educational objective is to enhance community connections, develop life skills, and raise awareness about healthy eating and food waste through various programs. 

As part of OzHarvest’s strategy in reducing food waste, in addition to increasing efficiencies with vital partnerships, the company is advocating for systemic change from food business and governments, across all societal levels. 

“While food rescue vehicles are necessary and the partnership with Scully is essential to our mission, the goal isn’t simply to just deploy a large number of food rescue vans, as this only serves as band aid solution,” said Dainty. 

Future directions 

As OzHarvest look to the company’s future aid, the mission of nourishing communities by providing food requires a collaborative effort. 

Being attuned to the community’s needs shapes many of OzHarvest’s operations, and they have recently announced their first food rescue initiative is now operational in Kakadu, delivering fresh produce to remote indigenous communities in the Northern Territory. 

OzHarvest believe collaboration and partnerships are essential to their strategy, and they will continue to work together with businesses and organisations to address the national issue of food insecurity in Australia.

“Scully RSV is an awesome partner, and we love them,” said Dainty. 

“Our partnership with Scully is a great example of how companies can use their existing resources to create positive change. The team at Scully RSV want to make a difference, they know they have assets and so they’ve decided to strategically use them,” said Dainty. 

Scully RSV offers a diverse range of refrigerated transport options, providing flexible solutions and top-notch service. Their collaboration with OzHarvest has significantly enhanced food rescue operations, addressing escalating food insecurity and waste issues.

“OzHarvest can’t do it alone and it takes lots of us together, across industries to make a difference,”
said Dainty. 

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