HSI welcomes ACCC’s decision to investigate egg industry

The Human Society International (HSI) has welcomed an investigation into the $445m egg industry by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

The investigation has been launched in response to a letter obtained from the head of peak industry body, the Australian Egg Corporation (AEC), which allegedly discusses supply practices and potential price manipulation The Land reports.

As part of the investigation, the ACCC has asked egg producers to provide the watchdog with details relating to profitability and production within their operations, as well as an explanation of each producers mounting practices – a period when laying hens stop producing eggs, then produce smaller eggs than normal thereafter.

HSI states that ‘forced mounting’ is a cruel method used by some producers to manipulate the availability of eggs. The technique increases the stress levels of the birds – usually by starving them completely for up to two weeks to trigger the moulting response.

“Consumers and hens deserve a better deal,” said HSI Director Verna Simpson. 

“With Egg Corporation, Government and supermarkets determined to bring an end to the true free range industry we are just thankful that ACCC is vigorously investigating and trust that this will bring much needed clarity to the market place.”


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