Hundreds of sheep strewn across Melbourne highways when truck rolls

A truck carrying about 400 sheep overturned on a Melbourne highway last night, scattering the animals across the road and onto oncoming vehicles.

Crews worked thorough the night to clean up the incident, which occurred on the Metropolitan Ring Road above the Princes Freeway at Laverton North just before 9pm.

Animals were thrown from the truck, off the side of the overpass onto the freeway below, and other cars.

One motorist said it looked liked a mountain of dirt as they approached, while another commented, “it’s not every day it rains sheep,”

An ambulance spokesperson said the scene was an “unusual finding”.

"We have one car that's rolled four times, three other cars that are extensively damaged from livestock falling through their windscreens and a truck hanging off the edge of a bridge," the spokesperson said.

"We are very fortunate we don't have far more human casualties out of this event.

We do however have a large number of casualties in the sheep fraternity."

Council rangers were forced to put some of the animals down and rangers worked through the night and into the morning to clean up the scene.

No motorists, including the driver of the truck, were injured in the crash.

Image: 7 News

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