Huon Aquaculture opens $12 mill processing plant

Huon Aquaculture has opened a new $12 million Smokehouse and Product Innovation Centre in Parramatta Creek.

The facility is comprised of a 2,500m2 value-added salmon processing facility and a 750m2 administration facility. It is expected to deliver more than one million dollars in cost savings for the company in its first year of operation under one site.

The new facility involves a revamp and extension of Huon’s existing Parramatta Creek operation, now twice as large as its original footprint.

Huon Aquaculture Managing Director Peter Bender said: “Our new facility will enable us to increase our production capacity and efficiency, while reducing our environmental footprint.

“We produce around 17,000 tonnes of fresh salmon each year, with our new facility part of our four-year $160 million controlled growth strategy.

“This world-class site will incorporate whole fish, fresh fish, and value-added cold and hot smoked production, successfully bringing together our full range of seafood processing at a single location.”

The project includes:

  • A suspended walkway across existing and new processing facilities provides access to staff entry areas, as well as viewing facilities for customers and visitors.
  • The new 750m² administration facility includes meeting rooms, a boardroom, laboratory and product development, and extended car-parking facilities. The dining room and commercial kitchen are complimented by staff breakout and barbeque areas for 100 employees.
  • The existing fresh salmon processing facility, completed in stage one, received a reconfiguration of process areas and upgrade works to drainage and floors with a new epoxy finish.
  • LED lighting has been incorporated throughout the new facility providing an improved environment for the staff and saving on energy consumption and maintenance.



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