Picky Picky Peanuts launch snack

Love peanuts and love Arnott’s Shapes? Fans of Arnott’s Shapes’ best-selling flavour, Barbeque, will be set to enjoy the latest innovation from Picky Picky Peanuts.

Only the freshest, tastiest Australian peanuts make their way into Picky Picky packs – and only the tastiest collaborations make the cut.

“We’re incredibly picky about the peanuts that we select for our Picky Picky products – they’re homegrown and precisely picked by Australian peanut farmers,” said Toni Cohen – Marketing Manager, Picky Picky Peanuts.

“Picky Picky Peanuts are proud to have collaborated with Arnott’s and Australia’s favourite Shapes flavour, Barbeque, on our latest Picky Picky Peanuts product.”

A study commissioned by Arnott’s in 2019 revealed that Barbeque was Australia’s favourite Shapes flavour.

“Arnott’s Shapes have been a crowd favourite for decades and have always believed in the power of flavour – especially flavour you can see! We are excited to bring this collaboration with Picky Picky Peanuts to Shapes fans, who are some of the most passionate food consumers in the country!” said Shannon Wright, Arnott’s Marketing Manager – Flavoured Snacks.

This is the second iconic collaboration that Picky Picky Peanuts have embarked on, following the much-loved partnership with VEGEMITE on the ‘Mitey Aussie Nuts’.

The Picky Picky range
Picky Picky Peanuts are locally grown and support Australian peanut farmers and are made with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

The Picky Picky Peanuts inspired Arnott’s Shapes Barbeque are available in a 200g pack.

In addition to Picky Picky Peanuts, inspired by Arnott’s Barbeque, Picky Picky snacking nuts are available in the flavours below:

  • Picky Picky Peanuts Sweet Chilli and Lime
  • Picky Picky Peanuts Savoury Honey Roasted
  • Picky Picky Peanuts VEGEMITE Mitey Aussie Nuts
  • Picky Picky Peanuts Salt and Pepper
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