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Ideal solutions for listeria control and waste reduction

Earlee Products’ specialist ingredients and R&D solutions address a number of areas within the food processing sector, including listeria control and waste reduction.

Food safety

Food safety is one of the most important factors for food and beverage manufacturers, who are always on the lookout for ways to improve their production. Especially for those with products more susceptible than others to things like bacteria growth. 

With this in mind, any new innovation that promises better control or protection against the threat of bacteria during and after the manufacturing process is an important one for the industry. 

Earlee|Control, the product from Earlee Products, is one such innovation with a proven track record. 

Controlling food waste

Food waste alone comprises a large portion of landfill in Australia, with many factors being the cause. As a result, food safety is considered a key area of focus in reducing waste, particularly with renewed focus on a circular economy and more efficient manufacturing. 

Earlee’s control range assists in managing and extending shelf life particularly in products such as hams and injected roast products.  

The solution acts as a surface barrier against spoilage bacteria, which works favourably in achieving a longer shelf life under controlled refrigeration temperatures. 

Ease of use – Listeria Control 

The product is a safe and clean label dipping solution which provides protection in just 30 minutes, helping combat product recalls by increasing protection against bacteria growth. Creating an extra barrier of protection for brands. 

The natural anti-bacterial surface protector helps to maintain food integrity and safety while also extending the shelf life of a product, proving very effective against Listeria Monocytogenes, Staph. Aureus, and E. Coli, all of which can wreak havoc on the industry and cause massive issues for brand loyalty and recognition. 

Combined with these features is the product’s capacity to enhance the flavour, taste, and texture of food stuffs. And it only has an application rate of 0.3 per cent to 0.5 per cent, making it a cost-effective solution that can last longer than some alternatives. 

Earlee|Control was initially developed as a solution for extending the shelf life of ham, but as Earlee Products CEO Brett McMullen said, many innovations are developed for one thing before it’s discovered it can be used in multiple applications. 

“In addition to this, there are also new packaging formats as people move towards convenience foods, they want them ready packed and ready to eat,” added McMullen.

“Vacuum and gas flush packaging of these Ready To Eat protein foods are more prevalent however neither chilling or lack of oxygen stop listeria growing.

“You can’t see it, you can’t taste it, so you need a new solution and sometimes they are old solutions but applied in a new way. This is one method we use to ensure we have offerings for current and emerging trends.” 

Production scheduling assistance and extending product shelf life

The Earlee Control Range has also shown to smooth peak production periods, as demonstrated during its initial use in the ham manufacturing sector, before quickly following suit across other food sectors. 

“We work with clients, SME’s and large companies, to help find and develop solutions for a range of different sectors and products, from meat to fruit and vegetables and seafood,” said Lea Reid, Earlee Products’ R&D manager. 

“The solutions cross sectors combined with the diverse expertise of our team helps us to share a wide spectrum of knowledge to help various businesses.”

A key feature of Flav®fresh is its natural infusion of citrus extracts and vinegar which helps to prevent any strong odours or flavours. 

These active ingredients, create ‘Hurdles’ that kill bacteria in the formula and provide strong protection. Interestingly, these components also have a secondary use of preventing yeasts and moulds. 

Earlee|Control is also a great solution for helping extend shelf life by allowing the packaged product to last longer against the onset of any harmful bacteria, which in turn creates less risk around products going out of date before being sold. 

The extension of shelf life also applies to those foods which change colour and look less appealing to customers but are still good for selling and eating. 

The natural bioflavonoids and polyphenols in Flav®fresh deal with this issue by staving off the discoloration for a longer period of time. 

Flav®fresh is most suited for use in the production of smoked and non-smoked meats, processed raw meat, cooked and ready-to-eat meals.

All these products have large manufacturing bases within Australia, and thanks to the product being made and distributed from Australia, it is readily assessable and quick to acquire. 

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