iDSnet Express eliminates coding & labelling errors

With centralised control, ease of use and a decrease in coding and labelling errors for manufacturers, Matthews Intelligent Identification’s iDSnet Express is set to change how the coding and labelling industry operates.

When product is sent out with undetected code errors, recalling it all costs money and time — and profits slide away.

It’s an all-too-familiar story for manufacturers, says Mark Dingley, manager of Identification Solutions at Matthews, and the frustration it causes was a trigger behind developing iDSnet Express.

iDSnet Express is software that networks all coding, labelling and data-capture machinery to a centralised PC/server.

“By doing so, manufacturers will experience faster product changeovers, eliminate coding errors, increase quality control and have full product traceability — among other benefits,” Dingley says.

“There is almost nothing worse for a business than when they realise it has been running for hours with incorrect or no coding. iDSnet Express controls all machines from one spot, and, by using scanners or a vision system, it is able to check for the absence of a code or whether the right code has been applied.”

Key elements of this software are the simplification of the product changeover procedure into a single-barcode-scan action, a quick verification of information and rapid alert of coding or labelling errors.

“This means manufacturers will no longer be running a production line with incorrect or no code or label for hours.”

In addition, iDSnet Express can provide SMS or e-mail alerts to the manufacturer, or Matthews, of any machine faults, warnings or pending scheduled maintenance.

In many cases, machines can be serviced before they fail or before print quality becomes an issue.

iDSnet express can be upgraded to iDSnet Enterprise, which enables full integration into existing production-control systems and back-end manufacturing databases.

These enhancements deliver full product traceability capability, production reporting in real time, plus waste and efficiency reporting.

iDSnet Express is a “cellophane wrapped” package that the manufacturer can download and install.

Matthews Intelligent Identification will be on stand 170 at Auspack.

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