Illegal workers found at WA chicken factory

Mt Barker Free Range Chicken in Western Australia has been raided for allegedly using illegal workers, with one child and 14 other suspected workers removed from the facility.

The raids took place on Thursday last week, Perth Now reports, and most of the suspected illegal workers are Malaysian.

The child, a young boy, had been taken to an alternative place of detention while the Immigration Department tries  to locate the two relatives that travelled to Australia with him.

A spokesman for Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Michaelia Cash, said 13 of the 14 illegal workers had been identified as “unlawful non-citizens” were transported to Yongah Hill and Perth immigration detention centres.

The fourteenth worker is being granted a bridging visa.

Michael Tarling from Mt Barker Free Range Chicken said the company and GRANND Processing, its main contract company, had been checked by the Department of Immigration and found to be compliant. He added, however, that some workers supplied to GRANND by another labour hire company didn’t have valid work visas.



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