Importance of machine safety

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SAI Global Limited reminds manufacturers to comply with AS 4024.12006, Safety of machinery series to help ensure workplace safety.

Employers need to ensure they comply with the Australian Standard and OHS legislation. Serious safety incidents continue to occur in the manufacturing industry.

The Australian Standard AS 4024.1—2006, Safety of machinery provides designers, manufacturers, suppliers, employers and users of machinery with guidelines to help reduce the risk of injury when working with, or near machinery.

The Standard contains 26 European (EN) and Internationally-based (ISO) safety and design Standards, with some modifications, to meet Australian workplace safety practices and regulations.

AS 4024.1—2006 outlines the latest requirements on:

  • Safety principles to understand fundamentals for design, testing, use and disposal;
  • Design parameters for the design and selection of control systems and protective devices;
  • Ergonomics to ensure technological design reflects the size and shape of the human body.


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