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Importance of transportation on red meat quality

Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) corporate chef Sam Burke has highlighted the importance of transportation in the red meat supply chain, at the National Transporters Forum last week.

Following the launch of MLA’s Transport Hub at the National Transporters Forum, Burke gave a cooking demonstration to showcase the importance of meat quality.

With more than 200 attendees, Burke broke  down a beef rump, whilst speaking about how transportation is critical to delivering the highest quality red meat for consumers.

“Professional livestock transport means animals are delivered in the optimum condition to the processor or other destination,” said Burke.

The MLA Transport Hub has been designed to help navigate rules, roles and responsibilities for livestock transport in Australia.

MLA project manager animal wellbeing and rural transporter Sharon Dundon said the hub was a proactive and collaborative effort to help everyone in the supply chain understand how to prepare livestock correctly for transport.

“We met with transporters, agents, lot feeders and producers in 2023 to find out how we can continue to improve the livestock transport process,” said Dundon.

MLA state the hub includes information on transporting cattle, sheep and goats by road in Australia, with specific advice on different classes of animals and links to other relevant sites.

Vice president of the Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association, Athol Carter said, “The Transport hub is going to be especially valuable in helping producers understand how they can work with transporters and the rest of the supply chain to achieve best practice.

Using new and existing resources, the hub equips producers with tools to identify and implement best practice in dispatching and receiving stock, including the latest industry trends, hands on practical advice and scientific research.

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