Imported products being tested for melamine

Food Standards Australia and New Zealand is testing imported sweets that may contain traces of a toxic chemical linked to babies’ deaths in China.

The illegal additive melamine, which has been found in Chinese milk formula, is believed to be responsible for 53,000 babies falling ill and four of them dying.

FSANZ said no Chinese milk products had been imported but other food, such as lollies, needed testing.

Any products found to be unsafe would be recalled, it said.

“The good news is that no Chinese infant formula products are imported here, nor any major mainstream milk products,” spokeswoman, Lydia Buchtmann, has said.

“Now (we need) to look at some of the smaller products that may have come into smaller Asian shops such as lollies … that have a small quantity of milk product.

“We are just making sure that none of the contaminated ingredients have ended up in some of those smaller products.”

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