Impossible Beef is possible in Australian supermarkets

California-based brand Impossible Foods launched its flagship product Impossible Beef Made From Plants in Woolworths stores across Australia and Countdown stores in New Zealand. This is the first time Impossible Beef can be purchased in supermarkets in both regions, following four months after the company landed in over 150 restaurants in Australia – including Grill’d and Butter.

The success of the company’s launch in Australia and New Zealand last November was has been attributed to their restaurant partners who brought the Impossible products to life, senior vice president of international Nick Halla said.

“This next phase of growth for us will be driven by the millions of meat-loving home cooks across the country who are looking for delicious, nutritious, and sustainable plant-based meat,” Halla said.

Australia and New Zealand are two of the highest meat-consuming countries, alongside the US and Argentina, by per capita meat consumption.

Impossible Beef uses 96 per cent less land, 87 per cent less water and 89 per cent fewer greenhouse gas emissions, comparable to beef from cows produced in the U.S.

An ISO-conforming comparative Life Cycle Assessment commissioned by Impossible Foods to compare its beef to cows produced in the ANZ region is expected to demonstrate similar environmental benefits.

As Impossible Foods’ goal is to create a sustainable global food system, its expansion into the home kitchens of Aussie and Kiwis is critical to achieving the company’s long-term mission.

“We can’t wait to see the amazing dishes that Aussies and Kiwis create with Impossible Beef,” Halla said.

Impossible Beef is made from heme – a key ingredient that makes Impossible Beef taste like meat and is identical to the heme found naturally in meat from animals.

When the heme in Impossible Beef is combined with other elements such as vitamins, amino acids and sugars when heated up, it generates flavour and texture that our brain recognises as meat.

The plant-based ingredients are packed with 18.8 grams of protein per serving and are a good source of iron and fibre.

Impossible Beef is Kosher, halal and gluten-free certified – with 35 per cent less total fat and 40 per cent less saturated fat. The product also achieved a four out of five health star rating (HSR), comparable to mince beef from cows three out of five HSR rating.

Impossible Beef is now available in approximately 800 Woolworths stores across Australia in 340-gram packages of mine meat made from plants and as Impossible Burger Patties (2 x 113 grams).

The recommended retail price for Impossible Beef is $11.25 for the 340-gram mince package and $9.50 for the patty pack.

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