Improving process safety

LineVu is a video-based system designed to detect contamination in high pressure gas systems, enable alarm notifications and allow access to live video to both office-based and field-based engineers.

By providing better data on which to base operational decisions regarding process safety and efficiency, the system improves accountability of gas suppliers to gas network systems and can boost production in gas treatment plants. With live data, immediate action can be taken to prevent or minimise further contamination entering a gas network system, and recorded data can be used as evidence to recover pigging and clean-up costs from suppliers who breach supply agreements.

Everyone wants to get the most from the assets they have, but being able to see what is happening in a high pressure gas treatment plant or gas pipeline has not been possible until now. Liquid carry-over, foam or even hydrate formation are common problems that need attention as soon as they occur. Unexpected liquids appearing in gas systems are the cause of large-scale loss and process failures, and can have an impact on asset integrity.

LineVu is a high precision camera system which can be used to determine the real flow limits of a gas/liquid separator system to support and improve flow modelling of “as built” processing plants.

Permanent installation allows process failure events to be detected early, and prevent loss and damage of assets such as compressors or absorber beds, and foam control becomes easier to manage.

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