In-line speed controllers

SMC has unveiled two new in-line speed controllers, one with an indicator and the other without, which complement the existing Elbow and Universal types.

The AS and the AS-FS controllers are designed to give operators greater control, flexibility and cost savings. The AS speed controller has a push-lock type knob which allows operators to set the flow rate by hand and lock it into position without the need to give it a wrench. It features a larger sized knob, which is easy to turn for fine adjustments.

With a variety of single and manifold mounting options, the product allows operators to build systems that operate with different pressures and flows.

The in-line type speed controller with indicator provides precise flow rate adjustment, through the addition of a numerical display window and 90 degree markers in the push-lock handle rotation. In addition, the use of holes makes it an ideal speed controller for manifold configurations.

An identification label can be attached to the index plate to allow flow direction to be easily identified.

According to the company, these products demonstrate that the simplest design improvements can make a huge difference to performance accuracy and operating efficiencies, and save time and labour.

The controllers feature different coloured release buttons for standard/stainless steel types and inch/metric tubing sizes. This makes handling easier, while minimising the risk of human error.

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