Increase in demand for polyester lids expected

Aging populations will be a major factor in the increasing use of polyester lids in food and drink production, Pre-cut lid supplier and manufacturer Chadwicks predicts.

Chadwicks Australasian business development manager, John Savage, spoke out following comments by Arthritis Australia’s chief executive, Ainslie Cahill, over the increasing importance of “openability” in packaging.

Ainslie Cahill said that with estimates showing 44% of Australia’s population will be aged over 50 by 2050, it was vital manufacturers made their products easy to open — or face losing sales.

In the past 10 years Chadwicks has seen polyester lids overtake foil as the more popular choice for its clients and Savage says the easy-to-peel nature of polyester would make it an increasingly appealing choice for producers.

“Packaging plays a significant role in consumers’ choices and ease-of-opening certainly forms a big part of that process, particularly for FMCG and food and drink products which are designed to be regular purchases,” he said.

“Aging populations and associated conditions such as arthritis are a global trend so producers will take heed of that and I expect quite a few will opt for a polyester lid that they know the vast majority of people will be able to use easily.

“By selecting a polyester heatsealable membrane at design stage, a new package can be easily opened and in turn gives the consumer the knowledge that the product has not been tampered with.

“This is simple-to-use and cost efficient when compared to alternatives on the market. While foil lids will still have their place, polyester has a lot of advantages — like being puncture and tear resistant — in its favour.”

Savage added that for products requiring additional security that are less easy to open, such as cooked or heated products, a range of co-extruded membranes are available.

Chadwicks, based in Bury, England, is Australasia’s leading manufacturer of pre-cut lids to market sectors including food, dairy and beverage markets.

Recently moving into the shrink sleeves market, Chadwicks now offers its service, quality and innovation to this related market.

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