Increased demand is being well and truly licked says Frosty Boy CEO

According to Frosty Boy’s CEO Dirk Pretorius, demand for his company’s products is steadily increasing, which is a good thing when you are a company that thrives on increasing market share and an expanding customer base. Branko Miletic writes.

And while there is constant change in Australia’s dairy market, mainly revolving around the falling milk solids price, this, according to Pretorius is not directly affecting Frosty Boy.

“Dairy is the core of our business and we are committed to supporting the industry,” noted Pretorius.

“The majority of the ingredients used in Frosty Boy’s products are sourced from Australian producers,” he said, adding that in terms of demand, “this is not slowing. This demand is driven by confidence in our safe, tasty, versatile and high quality products.”

Building upon a strategy based on recognising the needs of discerning customers is something Pretorius said has been integral to Frosty Boy’s growth in the international domain, with daily production equating to two million serves of soft serve ice cream per day.

“Testament to this is how our products are desired in 48 countries. This achievement makes us very proud and we are committed to growing export even further in 2016.”

Asked whether the company has seen any changes in the final destination of its products, Pretorius noted that taste profiles vary from market to market both in Australia and overseas.

“Our products largely end up in the same place. Whether that be providing The Art of Blend beverage bases to franchise businesses or frozen yoghurt to hotels in Australia or in Asia, we can continue to help companies succeed in the QSR and retail businesses no matter their size.”

“Brand Australia in particular has contributed towards the company’s growth and is strongly recognised in international markets, particularly in China. Good quality Australian products, such as our beverage, frozen yoghurt and soft serve bases are in constant high demand,” he said.

Research and development is one major way Frosty Boy thrives in what is a very competitive market. That competition is inevitable but the company is determined to stand out through delivering customers the utmost service and supplying versatile products of the highest quality and value.

“R&D is crucial. Without it, the business cannot evolve. Market research and development allow us to take everchanging trends into consideration with every product we create or enhance. With this important research we can cater our flavours and products to our customers based on what will be successful in their market.”

“Being able to do this ensures our company’s success and is therefore a vital investment,” said Pretorius.

“Our dedicated R&D team drives the evolution of our products, with our ranges expanding over the past 40 years to include soft serve, frozen yoghurt, and beverage bases. Adapting has been integral to the company’s growth and we now have more than 180 recipes in production.”

“We continuously look to find ways to create new product ranges, by studying the market and looking at trends and taste profiles in international markets to decipher what flavours and products our customers want.”

“This research allows us to be innovative and creative to develop products to deliver a solution with products our customers can serve their own customers which, in turn, drives their success,” he said.

As to where the dairy company has seen a change in tastes, Pretorius noted that both Asia and Australia have seen a divergence of consumer tastes for his company’s products.

“Both markets continue to evolve. For example, when we created the Creative Yoghurt Smoothie (a product of The Art of Blend range) we did so because we noticed a trend in popularity for yoghurt smoothies.”

Asked about the issues surrounding sugar consumption and whether this is impacting his products, Pretorius said that he and his company believe in the importance of a balanced diet, and this includes indulging in a sweet treat “from time to time.”

“Frosty Boy has created a range of products to suit a variety of customers and their needs. An example of this is our frozen yoghurt powders, which are sugar reduced or use ingredients such as stevia, a sugar substitute.”