Increased power rating with Poly Chain belts

The Poly Chain GT Carbon is Gates most powerful synchronous belt, has been designed for optimum performance on high torque, low speed drives in any industrial application. This lightweight belt features increased power ratings of up to 30 per cent higher than previous constructions, while maintaining the same long service life.

Poly Chain GT Carbon belts operate on Poly Chain GT sprockets and do not require any adaptation of existing GT2 applications. The belt’s construction is based on innovative design. The body and teeth of the belt are made of a unique polyurethane compound, making the belt tough and virtually immune to abrasion and chemical attack.

The belts are ideal for washdown environments when used with Gates nickel plated or stainless steel hardware. These belts also make an excellent alternative to roller chains, requiring neither retensioning nor lubrication. Space-saving, weight-saving and money-saving, Poly Chain GT Carbon drives offer a long and reliable service life.

Its teeth and body are made of a lightweight polyurethane compound, especially blended for adhesion to the cords and fabric. The carbon fibre tensile cords provide extraordinary power carrying capacity.

Flex fatigue life of carbon is exceptional, and its high impact strength withstands shocks and surge loading.

Another in the Gates range is the Poly Chain Carbon Volt belts, which deliver very good antistatic performance. Antistatic power transmission belts are a must in volatile environments.

Power transmission belts that meet the ISO 9563 standard for static conductivity are only required to meet that level when new. As soon as the belts are in use, their antistatic properties decrease.

These belts deliver reliable dissipation of electrostatic charges. They are suitable on ACHE (air cooled heat exchangers) for maximum efficiency and optimum air flow. The 8GTV and 14GTV units are static conductive to ISO 9563.

They are also suitable for replacing belt and roller chain drives in explosive environments such as flour, sugar and grain processing plants.

They are of patented static conductive construction, with their teeth and body being made of a lightweight polyurethane compound, specially blended for adhesion to the cords and fabric.

They also have a patent-pending antistatic black tooth jacket, while the carbon fibre tensile cords provide good power-carrying capacity.

The flex fatigue life of carbon is great, and its high-impact strength withstands shocks and surge loading.

Other features of both belts include they are maintenance free, have 400 per cent greater capacity than HTD belts, with 99 per cent efficiency for life of the drive and cuts maintenance and downtime machinery. They can also reduce weight and overhung loads, have more than 120,000 possible drive combinations, are inert to most acids, chemicals and water, and have a temperature range of -54°C to +85°C


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