Increased sales result from happy win

After winning the FOOD Challenge Awards’ Meat and Smallgoods category in 2006 with its Braised Lamb Shanks, Food Solutions was again excited to become a finalist in the Awards for a second year running.

The response received from the 2006 win was nothing short of phenomenal with orders coming in from all over the country and enquiries from overseas showing just how far the reach of the Awards extends.

Eighteen months down the track and the Lamb Shanks sales are still increasing, somewhat due to exposure received from the win.

Having had such a pleasurable experience from participating in the 2006 Awards, the company prepared for significant increases in production levels for the 2007 entry, Beef Ribs Slow Cooked in Smokey Barbeque Baste, when the product reached the finals.

We were not disappointed.

Sales on the product increased 40% after the finalists were announced.

This is a significant increase and one that can largely be attributed to the Awards coverage.

Heading into July 2007, and with the awards night rapidly approaching, those involved in the entry readied themselves for what was sure to be an exciting evening at Daltone House in Sydney’s Darling Harbour.

The venue was spectacular and the behind the scenes work that had been put into the function was first class.

It was like the Logie’s for food!

The guest speakers shared inspiring stories of how ideas can become reality with just a little persistence, perseverance and a few sleepless nights.

The end results are that some extraordinary new products have come to life from the ideas of some very talented and dedicated people.

As Food Solutions predominantly manufactures for the food service industry, seeing other manufacturers and their focus on retail products is always stimulating.

The limitless amount of new products being created each and every year is a wonderful example of the Australian food manufacturing industry’s vibrance. Australia has some of the best produce in the world on its doorstep and it is thrilling to see the innovative products that becomes.

As the night unfolded awards were issued, speeches were delivered and thank yous given.

And then the category for Meat & Smallgoods was announced.

With the highly commended going to Hans for their Hans Bites it was down to three for the top prize.

Nails were bitten.

When the envelope was opened and Creative Food Solutions announced as the winner for its Beef Ribs, a smile like a split watermelon appeared on my face, and stayed there for many hours to follow.

The months between July and now have seen increases in sales of the Beef Ribs similar to the results seen for the Lamb Shanks.

The exposure from the win and the articles in Food Magazine are a definite contributor to this fact.

On behalf of Creative Food Solutions, I would like to thank Food Magazine for hosting the Food Challenge Awards and generating awareness and support for new products in food manufacturing.

As far as I can tell, the biggest winner to immerge from these awards is, afterall, the food industry.

Creative Food Solutions

FOOD Challenge Awards


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