Indian mangoes coming to Australia

Australia’s ‘Final Import Risk Analysis Report for Fresh Mango Fruit from India’ has recommended that Indian mangoes be permitted entry subject to quarantine conditions.

Australia’s approval of an import policy for Indian mangoes has been announced by the acting Australian High Commissioner to India, David Holly.

“This is the final step in Australia’s import risk analysis process and paves the way for India to start exporting mangoes during its next export season in 2009”, he said.

“Australia is pleased to be increasing its agricultural trade with India, especially where increased trade will benefit both countries.

“With the two countries in different hemispheres, there is a good potential for counter-seasonal trade. Both Australia and India produce quality fruit but at different times of the year.”

Mangoes meant for Australia will have to undergo the irradiation treatment.

Australia undertook the import risk analysis on fresh mango fruit in response to a proposal from India. Access for Indian mangoes into Australia has been a long-standing issue.

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