Indian Tata Group ending partnership with Woolworths-report

New reports suggest Woolworths’ Indian partner, Tata Group, has ended its agreement with the retail giant after five years.

The company rolled out electronic stores Infiniti Retail, which are similar to our own Dick Smith retailers.

The Economic Times of India reports that Woolworths did not know the partnership was only for a limited time.

Woolworths is reportedly seeking compensation for the ending of the partnership which it had hoped would provide more opportunities in the country if the government began allowing foreign direct investment.

Woolworths confirmed yesterday that commercial discussions are taking place, but did not comment on the report itself.

”We are committed to our India business, our alliance with the Tatas and our retail electronics relationship with Infiniti Retail,” the company said.

”As the exclusive alliance partner to Infiniti Retail, we have provided the retail knowledge and wholesale support that have helped them to establish and grow the Croma-branded national retail chain. We continue to supply Croma as we have in the past.”

AWoolworths spokesperson told Food Magazine the comapany is not commenting any further on the issue.

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