Industrial UV disinfection systems

Water technology company Xylem has unveiled the Wedeco Spektron Industrial UV Disinfection Systems, designed specifically for use in sensitive processes, such as those typically required in the food and beverage or pharmaceutical industries.

Spektron Industrial forms part of the Wedeco brand, a premier manufacturer of ultraviolet (UV) disinfection and ozone (O3) oxidation systems.

“With more than 35 years of experience Wedeco understands the customer needs and combines high efficient UV lamps, superior control and monitoring equipment together with extensive third party testing to the most stringent standards in the world (DVGW, UVDGM and OENORM). This makes chemical free disinfection reliable, safe and economical”, said Philipp Raichle, Xylem’s Product & Applications Manager – Filtration, for the Oceania Region.

Spektron Industrial systems use closed-vessel UV reactors with Wedeco Ecoray UV lamps and ballasts, which make them highly sustainable while assuring consistent quality of disinfection without added taste or colour. The Ecoray technology in particular can provide energy savings of up to 20 per cent due to its optimised hydraulics and variable power control. In addition, the lamps achieve a high output with minimal maintenance requirements and contain less mercury than similar technologies on the market.

“Wedeco’s UV Disinfection Spektron Series has just been made more complete and got additional units within the series to address particular needs from the industrial sector, such as food and beverage,” said Raichle.

As with other disinfection solutions in the Wedeco range, the Spektron Industrial Systems include a standard EcoTouch controller and OptiDose closed-loop control, which monitors operating conditions such as flow, UV transmittance, and UV intensity in real time. For added efficiency, the controller can adjust the energy consumption of the Spektron Industrial models depending on the dosing requirements.

Systems are available in four models, ranging from 28m³ per hour to a maximum flow of 150m3 per hour, to meet customer needs. Featuring an improved inner surface, compact stainless steel cabinet and hygienic flanges, the series delivers reliable and accurate disinfection, in-line with strict hygiene requirements – potentially of benefit to the food and beverage or pharmaceutical industries and processes such as microelectronics.

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