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Industries Loan Pilot to support regional food & beverage manufacturers

The NSW Rural Assistance Authority is administering the Engine and Emerging Industries Loan pilot to support regionally-based food and beverage manufacturers in adopting advanced manufacturing capabilities.

The Engine and Emerging Industries Loan is available to eligible sole traders, partnerships, trusts or private companies who operate in the food product manufacturing or beverage manufacturing industries in regional NSW.

Low-interest loans of between $100,000 and $1 million are now available to eligible regional enterprises to fund new technologies and equipment that will increase efficiency and productivity.

The loan can be used to fund investments that will result in:

  • implementation of advanced manufacturing techniques and technology;
  • expansion of existing advanced manufacturing capabilities;
  • access to external expertise that is directly related to the delivery of the project;
  • purchase and/or installation of specialist equipment and/or infrastructure necessary to progress the project including mobile equipment;
  • intellectual property protection or advice; and;
  • increased capabilities/efficiencies of pre or post-production phases, for example, implementation of pre-market and/or after-market service activities.

To be eligible, enterprises must be able to demonstrate long-term viability and a capacity to repay the loan.

They must have less than 200 employees, be classified under one of the eligible ANZSIC codes, have a suitable Business and Project Delivery Plan and should not have had a turnover greater than $250 million.

Applicants can apply for funding for activities that commenced on or after 1 April 2024.

For further details, please visit:
Engine and Emerging Industries Loan Pilot – Program Guidelines

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