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Innovations in food machinery: A focus on FOODTECH TAIPEI 2024

The FOODTECH TAIPEI 2024 is set to be a major event in the food manufacturing industry, scheduled from June 26 to 29 at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center.

The event feature cutting-edge solutions and technology, showcasing expertise in food processing equipment and automated systems to meet the needs of global food industry. Let’s check out the highlighted exhibitors!

Leading Intelligent Automation in Food Processing – TSUNG HSING FOOD MACHINERY CO., LTD

Tsung Hsing, with its nearly six decades of experience, has become a leader in food machinery manufacturing in Taiwan. The company’s commitment to “Trust, Specialty, High-quality, and Safety” is evident in their approach to providing customized solutions for global food factories and central kitchens. In 2020, Tsung Hsing start to focus on the development of intelligent automation equipment. Their advanced R&D team has developed solutions like intelligent production monitoring systems that utilise scientific data to enhance equipment performance and align with market demands.

Image: Taitra

Continuous Fryer

The continuous fryer features exclusive heating technology, minimizes oil consumption while maximizing safety and efficiency. Its dual-layer conveyor belt design ensures even cooking, essential for achieving uniform color. The CIP self-cleaning system maintains high hygiene standards crucial in food production.

Expanding Capabilities in Diverse Food Markets: DING-HAN MACHINERY CO., LTD

Founded in 1996, Ding-Han Machinery has broadened its expertise beyond fishery products to include a wide range of food processing equipment. The company’s innovations cater to meat, vegetarian products, snack foods, and more, emphasizing customer-first philosophy and professional manufacturing. Their commitment to ongoing improvement and customer service is reflected in their international certificates and technical patents.

Image: Taitra

Automatic Batter and Crumb Coating Machine

It ensures even batter and crumb coverage with its special design, including a filter to prevent clogging and a blower to remove excess materials. The system’s efficiency is enhanced by a recycle system for powders and crumbs.

Pioneering Food Production Solutions: ANKO FOOD MACHINE CO., LTD.

Founded in Taiwan in 1978, ANKO is a global leader in the food machinery industry, with a presence in over 114 countries. They offer a vast array of services and solutions for central kitchens, food factories, restaurants, and hotels. ANKO’s expertise includes food processing machines, automation technology upgrades, turnkey planning consulting services, and optimization of food recipes for efficient production.

Image: Taitra

Spring Roll Production Line  (SR-27)

The ANKO Spring Roll Machine (SR-27) exemplifies efficiency and innovation, producing a perfect spring roll every 1.4 seconds. It can handle a variety of fillings, from vegetarian to cooked meats and potato, with different textures. The SR-27 is designed for high stability and easy daily cleaning, making it ideal for high-volume manufacturers and central kitchens with a production capacity of 2,700 pieces per hour.

FOODTECH TAIPEI 2024 promises to be an exciting opportunity for industry professionals to explore new technologies and innovative products that drive efficiency and sustainability in the food and beverage industry.

Attendees are encouraged to register early to gain insight into how these advancements can benefit their operations.

For more information, please visit www.foodtech.com.tw

Pre-registration for global visitors: https://www.taiwantradeshows.com.tw/en_US/member-apply-FT2024-register-form/index.html

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