Innovative chains for the food industry

Tsubaki offers innovative chains that provide reliable solutions for drive, conveyor or attachment applications.

Lambda Lube-Free Chain

This lube-free, oil impregnated, sintered roller chain dispenses with the need to use external lubricant and can extend the wear-life of conveyor equipment dramatically.  Lube-free conveyor chains also protect food products and packaging, as well as equipment. 

As a result of this technology from Tsubaki, wear is minimal, optimising performance and improving productivity.  Thanks to Tsubaki Lambda chains, environments that have traditionally used expensive food grade lubricants can now operate without the need for chain lubrication.

Tsubaki NEP Chain

NEP chain has been developed for operation in environments that involve corrosive chemicals, excessive moisture or saltwater and can suffer from corrosion, wear and reduced performance if not suitably protected. 

The Tsubaki NEP chain undergoes a special surface treatment which involves a three stage process to ensure that all the components in the chain have the maximum protection for operating in corrosive environments.  NEP chain is available in both BS and ANSI specifications as well as being available in Lambda lube-free design.  

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