Innovative closure technology for beverage industry

Erie Plastics has launched an innovative closure technology and turnkey solution for the beverage and health drink markets. The Pop N’ Shake is an advanced, dispensing closure technology, allowing consumers to create their own blended drink on demand.

A range of flavours, ingredients, vitamins and minerals are dispensed into a bottled drink with the turn of a tamper-evident dust cover and ‘pop’ of an inner-cap chamber. The closures are customised to meet a wide range of beverage needs across the bottled water, juice, dairy, tea, coffee and health drink markets. The closure is also well suited for nutraceutical and organic applications.

Key features of Erie’s Pop N’ Shake closure include a PET chamber that works with both liquid and powder; dual tamper-evident design; and an innovative patent-pending moisture and oxygen barrier, providing secure separation from active and inactive ingredients.

“Our strategy was to focus on superior design and full functionality, and to launch the closure once we established a vertically-integrated closure system and turnkey solution for beverage producers,” Erie’s chairman and CEO P.C. Hoop Roche said.

“From what we’ve already heard from a number of global beverage and nutraceutical companies, the Pop N’ Shake closure is in the lead when it comes to both functionality and readiness for market.”

To provide a turnkey solution for beverage manufacturers, the company recently developed and installed a fill, seal and assembly production line in a food-grade processing/filling white room, which is also equipped to run leak testing and metal detection operations. The Pop N’ Shake closures are currently available in a 26mm size, with development of a 38mm closure in its final stages and due for release in late August.


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