Innovative global technology on your doorstep

As a pivotal partner of the Natec Network, Gold Peg provides diverse innovative cooking solutions to food manufacturing companies all over the world for production rates from 100 kg/h.

You too can be at the forefront of food technology with Gold Peg’s cutting-edge equipment, designed and made right here in Melbourne, Australia.

New and innovative approaches are employed for producing classic products such as processed cheese, mozzarella, mayonnaise, mashed potato and all types of sauces, including baby food.

With a complete suite of cooking equipment available for various food products, Gold Peg brings over 30 customisable solutions to suit your demands for pasteurisation, UHT, high shear, batch and continuous cooking. Production capacity starts from 100 kg/h, right up to 10,000+ kg/h.

Gold Peg manufactures more than 10 unique batch cookers with a range of core function options, each resulting in highly effective processing for batch sizes of 2 kg to 600 kg. The highest control of all process functions delivers exceptional finished product quality – even homogenous products with particles!

These processing technologies are tailored to optimise the outcome for the specific needs of every individual customer.

“It’s only when you ‘lift the bonnet’ on our new batch cookers do the step change innovations become evident,” said Simon Donnelly, Gold Peg MD. “We are excited by the performance they can bring to the Australasian food manufacturing market.”

When developing a concept, Gold Peg begins with the end product and considers the customer’s style of operation and stage of business, working together with the customer to provide the ideal solution.

This is the Natec Network’s customer-centric benchineering© approach, which results in optimal manufacturing processes. The term “benchineering” is a combination of “bench breaking” and “engineering”, meaning “technology that exceeds the usual standards”. Gold Peg’s performance goes far beyond high-quality technology, as the term also refers to the entire process from concept development to service.

With a dedicated research and development team of over 15+ people around the globe, the Natec Network has a significant investment in innovation. Customers’ needs inform their innovation. Interestingly, Natec Network are owned by one of the biggest dairy product companies in Europe, Hochland Group, and their need for state of the art, high quality, cost-saving equipment directly impacts on the  development program. This means Natec Network equipment is tested and evaluated in the tough, real world environment of a major production plant (at one of the 18 Hochland Group plants). Not many food equipment designer/manufacturers are owned by a food manufacturer and have this access.

This R&D approach allows new products and services to continuously be coming down the pipeline into the market. One example is the new M4E (magnet for emulsification) technology, which significantly reduces the time and expense of creating emulsions and dispersions.

The Natec Network and Gold Peg have their fingers on the pulse, so that their customers in locations such as Russia, India, China, Indonesia, Canada, USA, UK, Europe – and many more – can improve and grow their business exponentially.

Of course, everyday staple food products such as natural mozzarella, processed cheese and analogue pasta filata/mozzarella – products that are used daily all over the world in pizza, hamburgers and many other commercial and domestic meals – are produced optimally with Gold Peg equipment. Using one of Gold Peg’s new batch cookers, a RotaTherm® – pasteurised and UHT continuous cooker, or the GPiCS continuous mozzarella cooker stretcher brings consistently superior results that are guaranteed to impress.

Below are some examples of Gold Peg’s innovative equipment currently under manufacture for the production of classic products:

For one customer in Asia, the need is to create a shelf stable processed cheese product for a low rate filler. The process to meet this demand begins with the raw ingredients being prepared and pre-heated in a batch cooker with high control over the mixing shear levels, followed by UHT processing with a RotaTherm® continuous cooker.

One European customer wants the flexibility to produce processed cheese and mozzarella from one system. A new finisher was added to allow for the creation of the long mozzarella fibres. However, for lower production rate needs, this same end product combination can be achieved with a FreeTherm batch cooker, with batches sizes available from 10 kg to 500 kg.

Another European customer is producing a vegan product. For functionality that addresses the ingredient type, the end product needs, as well as the production requirement of the plant’s operations, a ShearTherm batch cooker is the perfect solution.

As demonstrated above, Gold Peg, as part of the Natec Network, continue to prove their capability in delivering innovative processing systems to match the needs of food manufacturing companies all over the world, no matter the capacity or end product needs.

Pioneering Australian-made technology meets superior German quality – it’s the best possible solution for your business.

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