Insect control

Vapormate, an environmentally friendly insect control product, ideal for controlling pests in stored grain, fresh produce and food processing equipment, has been developed by BOC.

Vapormate replaces various applications of methyl bromide, an ozone-depleting gas.

The product is currently only manufactured in Australia by BOC, a member of the Linde Group, which intends to commercialise the product globally.

According to the company, the production of Vapormate represents a viable, economical and safe replacement for many quarantine chemicals.

The product is non-flammable, unlike methyl bromide, and is a ‘softer’ chemical.

Therefore, vapormate overcomes numerous OH&S issues, and dramatically reduces exposure risks for workers.

Vapormate also has no known insect resistance.

BOC has been granted a number of Australian and international patents as a result of the development of its full range of pest control products.

For further information, contact BOC.

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