Insulate wine and other perishables

Ospack, a shipping container insulation specialist, has developed a new thermal liner to regulate the temperature and humidity that wine and other perishables are exposed to during transport in non-refrigerated shipping containers.

The company learnt of the Foster’s Group’s need to insulate its wines throughout all changes in climatic conditions, as they are transported between continents.

The first Insul-Dri container had used polymer coated bubble wrap, rayon and food-grade LDPE laminated corrugated board, so the two companies then worked together to improve the quality for exports.

Food Science Australia leant their support and helped with the testing of the new insulators at the test facility in North Ryde.

The insulating containers were then tested shipping wine from Australia to Oakland, California, proving that the containers were successful, and robust enough to be reused.

The company can tailor the product to different needs and environments.

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