Intelligent photoelectric sensors: Safe detection, efficient automation

Efficient automation is always also a question of safe object detection. Photoelectric sensors that offer optimum detection performance are designed specifically for their area of application, meet high technology and quality standards, and support intelligent automation functions are proving their worth as reliable and cost-effective solutions that are worth investing in for a wide and challenging range of applications.

In most cases, the primary aim of object detection is to maximise the productivity of machines, systems, and processes. The clear demand for maximum performance is matched by the versatility of the requirements set by the vast scope of object properties, ambient conditions, installation situations, or automation and communication preferences. As a global technology and market leader for optoelectronic sensors, SICK offer by far the most comprehensive portfolio of photoelectric sensors on the market – and can thus rise to meet virtually any challenge across the industry and indeed the world.

SICK’s wide portfolio enables it to make a promise to find a solution every time. Suitable photoelectric sensors with the widest possible range of characteristics are available for object detection. The optical appearance of objects can be dark, patterned, transparent, or shiny. Perforated or uneven object surfaces are also a factor in the selection of sensors, as is the distance of the objects at close and long range, or their detection through gaps and openings. High-speed processes require a “rapid eye”; and certain object shapes (contact pins on semiconductor components, for example) call for a special “sharp eye”.

Regardless of whether an individual object property is to be considered in isolation or a number of features are to be considered together, SICK’s portfolio of photoelectric sensors will be able to provide at least one suitable solution for virtually any application. This is made possible by SICK’s SIRIC optoelectronic ASIC technology. Photoelectric sensors with SIRIC offer maximum optical durability to LED illumination, ambient light, and emitted light from other sensors, as well as supporting both extended sensing and scanning distances and enhanced operating reserves.

SIRIC photoelectric proximity sensors also impress with the best background suppression in this sensor class. The highly integrated chip technology makes it possible to reduce the size of the components without impairing detection performance. By applying the auto-collimation principle, the photoelectric sensors can be relied upon to detect objects even through small gaps and openings, and avoid blind zones at close range.

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