International Bakery & Biscuit Convention

The Warsaw Marriott Hotel in Poland will host the next International Bakery & Biscuit Convention on 17 to 19 February, 2009.

In a world of increasing globalisation, the convention is structured to bring together two key elements of the industry: where remaining competitive, or value adding, while improving quality are of paramount importance for business success.

The event combines the bread sector with the biscuit one and offers a programme of topics of interest to both sectors, plus separate, highly specialised programmes for each sector.

According to the convention, the emphasis is on international and business development, will be boosted by providing attendees with a thought provoking, business-building programme of presentations and a unique, conducive atmosphere to mix with industry colleagues from around the world.

The focal point of a high quality programme of presentations firmly illustrates this as a business development event and the added extensive networking opportunities with fellow industry professionals enhance the event’s profile even further.

Responding to feedback, the structure provides the industry with a rounded event full of opportunity across three days.

The Speaker Programme includes topics such as:

  • International perspectives on bread manufacturing;
  • Vacuum cooling technology offers lower costs and higher quality;
  • Performance of resistant starch in volume baking; and
  • Current issues affecting the biscuit industry.

Speakers include:

  • Paul Catterall, CCFRA. UK;
  • Hartmut Grahn, GFB, Germany;
  • Andreas Balazs, Permafood, Switzerland;
  • Christophe Montoya, Lesaffre, France.
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