Introducing new powered process indicator

The DI4WP is a powered process indicator mounted in an IP67 rated surface mounting weatherproof enclosure that accepts standard process signals of 4-20mA and a 0-10VDC and generates a 4 digit (9999 count) high contrast LCD (liquid crystal) display of 25mm digit height with optional backlighting.

The instrument is configurable in the measurement units of your choice. Also included is a 24VDC loop supply. This can be used to provide the excitation power supply for two transmitters.

The instrument is supplied in a surface mounting weatherproof enclosure of 140mm wide x 80mm high x 68mm deep and is powered from 120/240 VAC or 18-36VDC.

Should your application require a different input signal than the standard 4-20mA or 0-10VDC signals, this can be accommodated too. The instrument can be supplied configured for ranges from 50millivolts to 200VDC full scale or one to 100 milliamps full scale.

The DI4WP is part of Innovec’s product range, is designed and manufactured in Australia, and comes with a two year warranty.

Innovec Controls Pty Ltd was founded in 1987. Its main business is the design and manufacture of electronic equipment for the public transport and process control industries. Particular focus is given to tailoring solutions to efficiently respond to end-user requirements. All application specific products have been designed and produced to suit a particular client need that could not be met by products currently available on the market.

Innovec’s flexibility and technical strengths are maximised in various industrial niche markets with end-users in mining, public transport, utilities and food processing.

For further information please contact:

Innovec Controls

02 9906 7158


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