Is “Brogurt” the next big thing in dairy?

Is the world ready for male-focused yoghurt brands? At least one company in the US thinks so, so when will we see this marketing strategy come to Australia?

One of the things holding current yoghurts back is the view that the delicious dairy dessert isn't really for masculine men.

Although the industry has tried, with generic placement in the TV show Burn Notice featuring the affable hero spooning some of the delightful dairyness in-between (or even during) taking down a plethora of bad guys – all without breaking a sweat.

But our advertising doesn't reflect this, with most marketing squarely aimed at the healthy, happy female consumer (although dads feeding daughters is an up-and-coming marketing angle).

In comes Powerful Yoghurt, the newest brand from the US.


Lampooned on NPR's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me and their food blog The Salt, it shows that despite the numerous health benefits of natural yoghurt, there are still some serious barriers to men accepting that  their masculinity will remain in-tact if they're seen eating yoghurt.

I think Powerful Yoghurt is on to something.

Although women still comprise more than 60 percent of the of the Australian daily natural yoghurt consumption, the increase in consumption by men is rapid, with a 40 percent jump in the proportion of men to women eating  yoghurt everyday. 

With eight percent of women, and 5.9 percent of men eating yoghurt every day, it looks to be a growing market, especially for the bros of society.

Men are increasingly worrying about their appearance, so to me it seems like a no-brainer for yoghurt manufacturers to start marketing their products as the "super food" they often are. After all, yoghurt helps to

  • Build muscle
  • Burn Fat, and
  • Improve Digestive health 

If yoghurt can help men "Find their inner abs" as Powerful Yoghurt claims, it would be wise for Australian dairy manufacturers to bring out a "brogurt", and quickly.

If you fancy taking a more in-depth look into Powerful Yoghurt and the reasoning behind the product's marketing, check out the video from our friends at foodbev.com below.


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