Is junk food addictive? [video]

A professor at one of the world’s leading universities has predicted the addictive properties in junk foods will soon lead tougher restrictions on manufacturers by governments.

Yale University’s Kelly Brownell told the ABC that following the release of Morgan Spurlock’s Supersize Me, more proof has been mounting that junk food does have addictive ingredients.

The filmmaker ate McDonald’s everyday, and after 30 days started to only feel well when he ate junk food.

He also reported depression and fatigue while on his high-fat, high-calorie McDonald’s diet.

“There’s more and more research suggesting that this is an addictive process and it does in fact take place and I think this will change the world debate on food and the behavior of the food industry,” he said.

Is junk food addictive? Or are people making excuses? Watch the video and see if it changes your mind.


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