ISO 3 Flat Pin Plugs for optimised performance

NHP has introduced the newly redesigned ISO 3 Flat Pin Plugs offering greater flexibility and improved installation time.

Available in 10 and 15 Amp versions, the updated range has implemented enhanced functionalities ensuring you experience the benefits at their fullest.

Installation is made quick and easy with the swing away internal cord grip and more compact components. Also contributing to the reduced installation time is the upgraded pin housing that includes easy to wire tunnel terminals.

Particularly suitable in food and beverage applications, the range has increased safety by moving from adhesive labels to laser printed labels on the body.

Newly incorporated features include a 20mm male cable gland entry that can be changed out to suit various gland types, such as, corrugated conduit / anaconda / rigid conduit / Standard cable glands.

Terminals will now accept 2.5mm² conductors with a maximum cable diameter of 12.5mm and the pin plugs are supplied standard with compression style cable gland.

The new design of the ISO 3 flat Pin Plug range elevates the function of the products, ensuring you gain the best result for your project.





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