It’s time to reconnect

It’s time to reconnect with Motion Australia

Motion Australia is back on the ground for this season’s return to agricultural field days. After a few years without outdoor trade events, the broadacre farming industry has been eager to gather in person once more, re-engaging with the wider community to showcase an exciting range of new products.

“It’s just been fantastic to see the level of enthusiasm after such a long time,” says Grant Gray, national manager for Sales at Motion Australia. “We were at a field day in Wagga Wagga just last week, where they had to close the gates at ten o’clock because there was a 20-kilometre queue of cars to get in.”

According to Gray, there is a lot of value in being able to learn about and share agricultural equipment hands-on – an opportunity that field days are bringing to rural and regional areas across the country.

“Harvesting is very much a tactile business,” he says. “It’s hard to describe or get a proper sense for how well a piece of equipment works via the internet or over the phone. One of the things we lost over the last couple of years due to Covid is the value of innovation in action, translated through dynamic display.”

For the team at Motion Australia, it is an opportunity to re-connect and acknowledge how their customers have navigated the recent challenges of a rapidly evolving market.

“It’s basically a good opportunity to pause, and say you’re still here, we’re still here, and the relevance of the work that we are doing remains extremely important,” Gray reflects. “We’ve done field days in pretty much every state over the last few months, and each has broken the previous one’s record, which just goes to show how this aspect of community connection is resonating with people.”

As the industry heads into what is expected to be another bumper harvest, there is an ongoing concern around the continuity and supply of parts. This is especially relevant, Grant explains, for the Australian landscape, as the country maintains a year-round yield for different crop varieties.

“When you think past the scope of wheat – into fruit orchards, olives, nuts et cetera – our agricultural industry is twenty-four seven, 365 days of the year,” he points out. “We are extremely well equipped to help customers, particularly in more remote areas, combat the extended lead times for stock right now. The best way for us to do that is have conversations with farmers about their expectations for the upcoming season, and we can both get an understanding of where the opportunities lie.”

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