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It’s time to take a “Chill Bill” with De Bortoli’s latest spritzy red

When it’s time to paint the town red, traditional wine might not be the first choice for today’s younger crowd.

Recent trends indicate that wine is losing its appeal among Millennials and Gen-Z drinkers, with regular wine consumption among those under 40 dropping from 37 per cent in 2010 to 26 per cent today, according to a consumer research report from Wine Intelligence*.

The young palate craves variety and adventure, seeking unconventional options for celebratory moments, rather than sticking to the same old routines.

But to find a red wine that’s convivial, easy on the palate and eccentric enough to pique their interest? Now that’s a challenge. Enter De Bortoli Wines’ newest game changer: Chill Bill.

A fresh, deliciously fun and spritzy red wine that is sure to captivate the curiosity of young adult drinkers, everywhere. Its name, a playful nod to embracing a chilled approach to red wine, reflects a departure from traditional norms.

It brings an adventerous attitude to the wine world, redefining how red wine is enjoyed. Chill Bill is more than just a name; it’s a lifestyle.

Chill Bill is a fruit forward, lighter style of wine with vibrant flavours that are bursting with juiciness of cherries and an explosion of fruitiness.

With a dash of spritz and a red berry aroma- when chilled, its fruity notes are enhanced and its alcohol becomes muted, creating a gentle and refreshing wine packed with flavours that’ll make one’s taste buds sing.

A true delight to the senses, it has a broad flavour spectrum and huge adaptability. It is crafted from a special blend of grape varieties, including the unique CSIRO-developed Tyrian that produces a deep purple hue with a spicy fruit essence and a hint of sweet berry fragrance.

Whether it’s barbecued ribs, meat lover’s pizza, or charcuterie boards, Chill Bill pairs exquisitely well, making it the perfect easy-drinking red for every occasion.

Get ready for Chill Bill to step up and become the new best friend of wine enthusiasts, bringing along its cool vibes and fizzy, playful fun. Friendly reminder: enjoy it chilled, because it’s Chill Bill!

Tasting Note: Bright, deep purple hue. Red fruited with a floral undertone. Soft and juicy palate with ripe coating tannins. All harmoniously tied together with a fine mousse.

Winemaking: The harvesting of fruit is timed to achieve a balance between freshness of fruit, as well as ripeness of tannins. Fermented on skins for 7 days at 23-27°C.

Region: Riverina & Rutherglen

Wine Analysis: ALC: 9.5%, pH: 3.41, TA: 6.34 Vegan Friendly

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