James Squire limited release

James Squire Pepperberry Winter Ale, released this month, is a a distinctive new beer especially created for the Australian winter.

Deep jarrah in colour with a delicate spicy nose, the Pepperberry Winter Ale delivers subtle complexities with a warming finish. It also features a rich chocolate malt flavour; which is unusual for an Australian beer.

“We were looking for something that was unique to the Australian winter. Spiced beers have been widely used in Europe, the UK and US as a winter or Christmas release — these are generally heavily spiced and often high alcohol beers suited to bitterly cold winters,” said James Squire chief brewer, Tony Jones.

“Our winters are more subtle and diverse, the team at James Squire wanted to create a beer that was mildly warming and unique in flavour, without being too challenging.

“Using the native Pepperberry in subtle quantities worked perfectly, it is quite reminiscent of the adventurous approach that James Squire himself might have adopted,” concluded Jones.

Only 10,000 cases of the James Squire Pepperberry Winter Ale have been produced, and are available nationally at a RRP of $54.99 per carton and $16.99 per 6 pack.

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