JBS has threatened to close if King Island sets up shop

One of the world’s largest meat companies, Brazilian owned JBS Australia has threatened to close another of its Tasmanian abattoirs should King Island set up in competition.

JBS Australia closed the doors to its plant located in Currie last year, forcing the island’s farmers to ship their cattle to the company’s Longford plant The Mercury Reports. The plant is currently sitting idle on the island as JBS did not sell, or lease out the facility.

Director of JBS Australia, John Berry said that should King Island build an abattoir on the island, then the Longford plant would be significantly impacted.

“It is a numbers game on King Island and we also need to have product 52 weeks a year ,” said Berry.

The proposed new plant would allegedly cost $30 m to build and require 75 percent of the island to utilise the facility to make it financially viable.

Paul O’Halloran, Braddon Greens MHA said that the threat by JBS was an attempt at political manipulation.

“This is just an attempt at political manipulation by JBS and the minister should be guided only by what is in the best long-term interests of the community.”

“Island residents are frustrated that JBS Australia has abandoned the old abattoir and will not make it available for a new processing facility”


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