Jesters pies given the Tick of approval

Jesters pies have been approved with a Tick by the National Heart Foundation (NHF) under their strict new regulations for meals eaten out, becoming the first café chain and the only national pie franchise to gain the Tick for a range of pies.

By reformulating five of its pies, Jesters removed two tonnes of saturated fat and nearly one tonne of trans fat from the food supply in 2006, reducing the trans fat levels in their Tick pies by an average of 82%.

With over 150 million pies being eaten out of the home each year, there are many Australians in need of a genuinely healthier alternative.

“It’s a common misconception that pies are an unhealthy meal. We’re delighted that the Heart Foundation Tick recognises the nutritional content of our pies to be that of a healthier standard,” Jesters Manufacturing Manager Norm Nugent said.

The NHF said Jesters are to be congratulated for taking in the challenge of meeting the Tick standards.

“Jesters will be subjected to regular random audits that will assess their pie preparations, ensuring the highest standards are maintained,” NHF Tick Manager Susan Anderson said.

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