Jim Beam descendant follows through on Facebook tattoo promise

The great grandson of Jim Beam, the man who created the iconic drink, promised he would get the brand permanently inked on him if fans of the Facebook sites reached one million, and this week, they reached the target.

Fred Noe made the pledge on the bourbon brand’s Facebook page earlier this year and this week, after the one millionth “like,” he followed through.

The Jim Bourbon business was rebuilt following the end if probation in 1933.

Fred, also known as Frederick Booker Noe III is a seventh generation master distiller and was born and raised in the Bourbon Capital of the World: Bardstown, Kentucky.

Are you one of one million Kim Beam Facebook fans? More importantly, have you “liked” Food Magazine’s page yet?

You can do so here, and who knows, if we reach that number, someone here might do something just as silly as Fred Noe!


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