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Junipalooza spotlights award winning Australian and international gins

Junipalooza spotlights award winning Australian and international gins

Junipalooza will arrive at Carriageworks, Sydney, bringing with it new and limited-edition gins only available at the event from award-winning local and global distillers.

After a successful first festival in 2022 with 50 distillers on site offering a wide selection of craft gins from across the globe Australia’s premier gin festival, Junipalooza return has been highly anticipated.

Ginny Pig Distillery, who won ‘Best in Class’ for their London Dry Gin and ‘Best Distillery’ at the San Francisco World Spirits Awards, will be participating in Sydney’s Junipalooza for the first time this year.

Junipalooza is also excited to welcome back Old Young’s, another award-winning distiller who won ‘World’s Best Craft Gin Producer’ and ‘Brand Innovator of the Year’ at the 2023 Icon of Gin Awards.

Amongst some of the well-known distillers including Hapusa (India), Reed & Co., Four Pillars and Farmer’s Wife Distillery, Sydney’s second Junipalooza will also showcase a number of new limited release and seasonal products.

The latest addition to the Patient Wolf Gin collection is their Pink Lake Gin, which was exclusively released to their subscribers in June. This gin is perfect for a textural and savoury pink martini. Patient Wolf Gin is thrilled to introduce this unique product in Sydney at the upcoming festival. Pink Lake Gin is the first of its kind to incorporate pink lake salt from Mount Zero as one of its key botanicals.

Another exciting limited-edition gin is coming from Karu Distillery, releasing their brand-new Coffee Gin Liqueur ‘Orsa’.

Tanglin Gin, a Singapore-based distillery, is introducing their award-winning Black Powder Gin. Having won its fourth consecutive Double Gold award at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, earning it a second Platinum Award and with only two Double Platinum awards ever given in the history of the competition, this is a truly remarkable achievement.

Hillmartin Distillery, a family-owned business, will be bringing along their most recent gin, Seven Spice Chai Gin, which sold out last December prompting them to bring it back to Junipalooza. This gin pairs well with ginger ale or can be used to create a classic G&T. A popular drink made with this gin is the Dirty Chai Martini, which is a unique take on the traditional Espresso Martini.

Three Fold Distilling has just introduced their Tom Yummy Gin, the newest release to their gin series. Channelling the chaos of Southeast Asia and merging vibrant zest with spice, it sets the scene for Asian-inspired dining and nights out with friends.

Naught Distilling is returning with their 2023 vintage Sangiovese Gin, using the best Sangiovese grapes from the Yarra Valley and combining Australia’s best Contemporary Dry Gin, this is one edition that simply cannot be missed.

Banks and Bloom are launching their spring/summer gin at Junipalooza Sydney. They take pride in featuring native Australian Botanicals, which are sourced from Western Australia. Alongside this, they are presenting their Signature Gin, which has won the ‘Masters Medal’ at the SIP Awards in the US.

Organisers Spirits Society and The Gin Queen are thrilled to bring Junipalooza to Sydney for its second year and are  looking forward to offering gin lovers the chance to meet their favourite distillers and newcomers the chance to fall in love with the most creative spirits.

Junipalooza will then return to Melbourne on 20 – 22 October 2023 at The Town Square Pavilion, Melbourne Showgrounds.

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