Just because the label says ‘organic’, doesn’t mean it really is

Australian Organic Awareness Month, returning in September, will this year ask the question ‘what really is organic?’.

“There is a significant and undeniable growth in the popularity of organic products,” said Paul Stadhams, CEO of event organiser Australian Organic.

“And now more than ever as a leading body in the industry, we are making it a priority that all Australians understand what makes an organic product just that – organic.”

The organic industry is worth over $1.8billion to the Australian economy and this revenue is expected to grow by 5.6 per cent over the next year nationally with a predicted growth of 15 per cent internationally.

“It is a common misconception that because the word ‘organic’ might appear on a label that the product must be good for you,” continued Stadhams. “However this isn’t necessarily the case. We want people to understand that if you want to buy organic then you need to look for a certified organic logo like our ACO Bud logo. This is your 100 per cent guarantee that you are buying real, honest organic products.”

Australian Certified Organic is one of seven certification bodies nationally and their ACO Bud logo has been identified as the most popular and most recognised certification logo.

The ACO Bud logo appears on over 17,000 products covering everything you might need from fresh produce and beverages to textiles, cosmetics, cleaning products, bedding, clothing, beauty products, sanitary items, gardening and even pet food.

“People might not realise how diverse the certified organic market is,” commented Australian Organic Chairman Dr Andrew Monk. “It really is possible to purchase pretty much everything you need certified organic!’”

Australian Organic Awareness Month will run from the 1st to the 30th September 2016. Interviews with Australian Organic Ambassadors, or staff are available on request. Australian Organic Awareness Month Packs are available on request.

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