Karen Martini Granola

This new granola, created by chef and food personality Karen Martini, is available in two varieties to suit the whole household.

Karen Martini Granola is made from premium ingredients including whole grain oats, nuts, seeds and dried fruit and is available in two flavours: Cranberry, Almond & Dates and Crunchy Seed & Nuts with a hint coconut and honey.

The Cranberry, Almond & Date Granola is packed full of crunchy almonds, juicy, sweet cranberries and dates, with a hint of cinnamon and zesty orange providing a naturally sweet and indulgent breakfast option.

A fruit-free variety is also available, with the Crunchy Seeds & Nuts Granola boasting whole grain oats, almonds, cashews, pepitas and chia seeds for those who prefer an extra crunch. These ingredients are complemented by coconut, a hint of spice and a dash of honey, resulting in a lovely floral aroma that’s emphasised by a golden, toasted crunch.

The recipes for both granolas were inspired by flavours from Karen Martini’s latest cook book and her desire to create an indulgent breakfast option based on real, whole food ingredients.

“I’ve been making my own versions of granola for years and always pack it full of amazing whole food ingredients. My Karen Martini Granola range has been created in the same way because I wanted it to be as nourishing as it is enjoyable – that’s what good food is all about,” says Karen.

The Karen Martini Granola range provides a delicious and wholesome option for breakfast or a snack and can be enjoyed with milk or yoghurt and fresh fruit or blitzed up in a smoothie for breakfast on-the- go.

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