Keeping NZ CoOL

CoOL New Zealand, a campaign for changes to country of origin labelling laws, has been launched in Wellington.

Horticulture New Zealand is hosting the CoOLNZ website www.cool.org.nz and facebook group ‘I Want A CoOL New Zealand’.

More than 25 producer groups and community organisations are already supporters of CoOLNZ and this number is expected to grow.

“Many of these groups have battled away for years to try to get political support for country of origin labelling in NZ,” said HortNZ chief executive, Peter Silcock.

“Now we have all come together to give ourselves a combined, and hopefully stronger, voice.”

The website is intended to give New Zealanders an opportunity to learn about what country of origin labelling means, the reasons for having it and what they can do to support it.

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