Kellogg breaches food safety after listeria found in US cookie factory

Posted by Rita Mu

Food giant the Kellogg Company has been sent a warning by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to clean up its act after illness-causing bacteria was found at its Georgia-based cookie plant.

Following an inspection of the Augusta factory by food authorities in February 2011, the FDA sent a warning letter to Kellogg, saying it had violated good manufacturing practices.

FoodProductionDaily.com reported that listeria was found at fifteen separate locations in factory, with almost half found on food contact surfaces such as conveyor mesh and belts.

Severe listeria contamination has been linked to brain infections and blood poisioning.

FDA told news agency Reuters that Kellogg had 15 working days following receipt of the letter to outline what it planned to do to correct the violations.

"While the FDA did not identify specific concerns with the food, we take this situation very seriously … We have confidence in the safety of our food," Kellogg spokeswoman, Kris Charles, told Reuters.

Kellogg’s Augusta factory manufactures a range of Keebler and Famous Amos branded cookies.


Image: huffingtonpost.com

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