Kellogg launches healthier LCMs

LCMs has just launched the new 3.5 health star Oaty Bubble Bars that have 25 per cent less sugar per 100g than LCMs Original bars, as families prepare to get back into the school routine and the inevitable lunchbox packing.

Across the school year in 2017, over 500 million school lunches will be packed in Australia’s 2 million plus households (with children aged 0-17).

That’s a lot of lunchbox inspiration parents need as they endeavour to make sure that snacks and meals don’t come home uneaten, but instead open the school backpack to find an empty lunchbox.

The new bars were tested with Aussie kids who liked them as much as LCMs Original Bars.

The bars come in Original Oats and Strawberry & Apple flavours and contain 37 per cent and 33 per cent whole grain oats respectively. Together with their 3.5 health star rating, a source of fibre and no artificial colours or flavours and no preservatives, it’s a ‘treat’ you don’t have to hide.

Not only do kids love the great LCMs taste, but more than eight out of 10 mums surveyed by Kellogg said they would buy LCMs Oaty Bubble Bars for their children.

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