Kellogg to release limited edition retro packaging

Kellogg Australia will release a limited edition range of retro packaging this August across some of the company’s most loved breakfast cereal brands.

The range of Kellogg’s retro designs span from an original 1924 Corn Flakes design right through to Nutri-Grain packaging from the 1980’s.

The vintage makeover will feature original versions of characters including Snap, Crackle and Pop, with participating packs including; Kellogg’s Corn Flakes 150g , Rice Bubbles 170g, Nutri-Grain 200gm and Coco Pops 255g.

Patricia Kresojevic, shopper activation manager for Kellogg said that the packaging revival will be sure to evoke feeling of nostalgia and excite consumers.

“The Nutri-Grain packs are based on designs from the 80s and will appeal to the latest generation of parents who grew up during this time and will recognise the cereal pack that used to sit on their breakfast table when they were kids,” said Kresojevic.

“Kellogg’s has been providing breakfast options to families for more than 80 years and revisiting the pack designs of some of our oldest brands is just another way of celebrating our heritage. We hope the packs will help transport Aussie parents back to their childhood days.”

The limited edition retro packs will be available in IGA stores nationally from August.


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